Here’s To Isaac

“…and I pray every single day for a revolution…”  -4 Non Blondes

It’s been three very tough years.  We’ve been robbed by a couple of nomadic, amoral Indians.  I’ve been falsely accused of a crime and thrown in jail.  We’ve been hounded and stalked by some fat kid who is the son of a woman who helped keep my son down and ignorant.  She’s a lazy pot smoking hick.  Kidnapper of sorts.  Complacent moron.

But three years ago, he couldn’t work long division and had no idea what an essay is.  He had no self confidence, because he’d been raised to have none by his father and some rather corrupt so-called counselors.  What was done to him was the same thing that had been done to me when I was a kid.  It’s nightmarish what the state can accomplish with a little help from a parent. 

It’s called the take-down and it is a vicious crime.  A heinous stripping of human rights.

Isaac now is engaged in college algebra, trigonometric terms, anatomy, biology, basic physics, history, french and english.

I give Isaac credit for that.  He has shown the ambition and the gumption to learn and grow.

Tomorrow, I will be 51 and he will be 16.  We don’t have much in the respect of material goods.  In fact, I’m quite broke and he’s lucky to have a Wii, which we have to pawn sometimes in order to eat.

Doesn’t matter that we are rather poverty stricken.  There’s another kind of poverty which we are not stricken with and only due to stubborn resoluteness within mind and heart.  That is to say, we are not ignorant bastards roaming the streets, selling drugs and what have you.

I’m not an ordinary woman.  Were I, more than likely I’d have already had another break down or shot myself.  It’s been that rough at times.

But through it all, I kept the vision, the goal.  To see Isaac educated.  I’m a big believer in education.  Funny thing, this homeschooling.  You see, if I don’t know college algebra, trigonometry or that the spleen is a blood reservoir, then how can I expect him to know?  That’s far too hypocritical for my blood.  No, I’ve got to dig in and know it.

But he did teach me how to play chess.  And then he whipped my ass several times.

That’s right, I’m getting an education myself.  I never made it to trig in school.  I never shone academically.  I’m banned from returning to the local university.  I failed miserably on two college tries.  Five kids and job woes and stress.  What a mess.

Who would have thought that some tall, skinny fifteen year old kid would inspire me to know Math?  Anyway, time has a way of bringing about justice.

Thanks, Isaac.  I knew you had it in you.  I’m just real god damned proud of my genetics.




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