The Plane

There is a plane of intuition which is absolutely pure.  I’ve hit it before.  Back when I lived in Hawaii.  I felt safe during that period of time and it produced an amazing emotional, intellectual experience for me.  I was 26 at the time and it was then that I began reading volumes.  Just whatever I could get my hands on. 

My vocabulary quadripled.  I was most curious about history and how knowledge as we know it today came about. 

Anyway, I may not ever hit the plane again.  But I’m so glad I experienced it at least once.

It was amazing.  Kind of like standing at the bottom of the primordial pond and looking up to realize that a jillion stars were above me.  It was as if, whatever had been sitting on me all of my life, was removed and I could see a little something.

Wonderful experience, and I of course had to leave Oklahoma to experience it. 

Hawaii has a certain mystical quality to it. 


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