I am a constitutional feminist.  My focus is the constitution.  Not party’s.  Though at times, I might be a bit Republican and Democrat

I know my left from my right and I know that at times, these converge.  That’s the nuance of American life. 

E pluribus unum

I’d like to believe in America.  Honestly.  It’s just that America is doing some very crazy things these days.  Like sealing her own doom. 

Rome fell in a day and all it took was the shenanigans of untrustworthy agents of government. 

America does not have the 9,000 plus odd years of history that Ireland, France or England has. 

As a republic, it must war more often.  With the latest dalliances of stupidity, we’ll be lucky if America makes it to it’s 300th birthday. 

One of the unspoken agreements of American life for the individual, is to evolve.  The Constitution is fine.  The inferred lack of belief in hope for this country is not fine.

But that’s why we have the science of archaeology. 

Golly gee, Uncle Sam, it seemed like a good idea. 



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