Common Sense Government

Cigarettes, snuff, cigars and loose leaf tobacco are products put in the mouth and as such, should be regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. Warehouses, storehouses and/or factories which produce these products should be maintained and kept clean and free of bacteria and other infectants which could potentially end up in the aforestated products and therefore cause liability against the American public.

The Food and Drug Administration should see to it that these products are not reaching the public contaminated or chemically altered to emphasize addiction.

There are companies which manufacture cheap cigarettes and sometimes the contents rolled in with the tobacco are quite foreign looking. Sometimes, these cheap cigarettes look as if they hold the sweepings from the floor and it wouldn’t surprise me if they did.

According to www.tobaccofreekids. org, the government plans to devise a scheme which will help curb tobacco use by children. I see nothing wrong with this personally. Though I am a smoker and addicted. Unfortunately, I began smoking at 15 years of age. Off and on, until I was about 21. After that, I could not do without them. I now pay over four dollars a pack for good cigarettes. I will not smoke the cheap ones, due to reasons cited above.

As of July 30, 2008 the measure passed the house and the FDA now regulates tobacco products.

I don’t like government intrusiveness anymore than anyone else. However, I do feel that it is the government’s responsibility to see to it that the American public’s consumable products are safe. As safe as they should be. Of course, cigarettes and the very habit of smoking is said to be dangerous. Experience tells us that they can even kill you. So can too many eggs and too much whiskey. So can inhaling spray paint.

As a smoker, I believe I have the right to smoke. I also know that I should quit within the next couple of years. This quitting will be my decision.

The government cannot tell me to quit smoking. I know for a fact that I get a mental kick from the nicotine and one Science magazine I read from time to time advises that a day will come when people will be requesting nicotine pills for this very reason.

Nicotine, according to the Oxford Journals, The Journal of Biochemistry does not suppress the expression of GRP78, which is essential for embryonic cell growth and pluripotent cell survival. So, while smoking is not good for the unborn, nicotine does not inhibit growth of the unborn child.

In effect, I in no way defend smoking for others and I in no way suggest that the government should stop anyone from smoking. I merely agree that if the government sees to it that I get a high grade cigarette and they work to see to it that a good portion of young people won’t ever smoke, then it is a good thing.

In conclusion, I enjoy smoking a good cigarette. Unfortunately, I began the habit as a 15 year old child. The government of the United States is not perfect and has no business telling me what to do, but they do have business overlooking consumable products which are made available to the American public.


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